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Houseplant Services

By entrusting Divine Roots with your plant needs, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your work/personal space but also foster a healthier and more inviting atmosphere. Our services are designed to seamlessly integrate with your routine, minimizing disruption while maximizing the positive impact of greenery.

  • Plant Design Services: 

    • Designing aesthetically pleasing and functional plant arrangements for the office/personal space.

    • Recommendations for the types of plants that complement the decor and ambiance.

    • Regular maintenance and adjustments to the design based on seasonal changes or layout modifications.

  • Plant Maintenance Services:

    • Weekly watering based on the specific needs of the type of plants.

    • Monitoring soil moisture and nutrient levels accordingly.

    • Regular inspection for signs of pests or diseases.

  • Transplanting Services:

    • Transplanting to larger pots or containers when the plant outgrows its current space.

    • Use of appropriate soil mixtures for optimal plant health.

    • Periodic assessment of the plant's growth and root development.

  • Plant Consulting Services:

    • Expert advice on the selection of indoor plants based on the environment (lighting, temperature, humidity).

    • Guidance on the placement of plants for maximum aesthetic and health benefits.

    • Customized care plans for each type of plant.

    • Advice on dying or stagnant plants.

 If you're interested in exploring the benefits of a greener and more vibrant space, I'd be delighted to arrange a meeting or call at your convenience. Let's discuss how our houseplant services can contribute to a more inspired and productive environment.

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